5 simple treasures to be grateful for when you’re feeling low


Life can be monotonous and sometimes you may find yourself feeling like life just sucks. But when you find yourself sulking into this occasional misery, remind yourself of the good things in life, as simple as they may seem.

1. Nature

Have you stepped back and admired the beauty that is nature. Something as simple as sunshine on a clear day or the sight of flowers in full bloom can quickly lift your spirits. If you’re feeling low, take a walk on a nature trail to recollect your thoughts take a break from it all.

2. A simple hug

Whether it’s for an occasion such as a birthday or graduation, or just because, a hug can show your inner affection and can even touch someone’s heart. Give that warm embrace regularly and surely your affection will find its way back to you.

3. A good night’s sleep

Sleep is so vital to our well-being yet often we forget how nice it feels to sleep well. A good night’s rest is a jewel not to be forsaken. Through any phase in life, good sleep should be valued and hopefully achieved without much difficulty. Many who wrestle to find comfort with their shut eye can attest to the value of sleeping well. Try not to take it for granted.

4. Lifting someone’s spirits

We may feel down at times, and soon we may forget that sadness. But helping someone else lift their spirits is something they won’t forget. It is a simple treasure both to receive and give. Try being there for someone else and you’ll feel happier in no time.

5. A glass of water

For those who might fast or simply don’t have access to clean drinking water, the commodity of hydration may be even more valued compared to those who are privileged with it consistently. Still, how much unending appreciation should there be for a clean, refreshing glass of water? Not enough. It is a tremendously significant part of our lives — for health and sanitation reasons, among others — and it should be valued to the fullest.

So the next time you get overwhelmed, remember these simple treasures in life and how lucky you are to enjoy these as often as you can.

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Najma Khorrami is currently the Associate Director of Global Partnerships at The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy in Washington, D.C. She earned her Master in Health Policy in Public Health from The George Washington University in 2012, and rounded out her studies with a Global Health Certificate from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In addition to her passion for global health policy and wanting to one day help create public health programs for the disadvantaged in developing countries, she enjoys cooking and volunteering. You can follow her on Instagram at @najonoor!