Layali Webzine is a digital lifestyle magazine for Muslim women.

Layali print

Layali was founded in 2013 by two broke college students, literally, as a media outlet and platform for Muslim women to turn to and get the latest Muslimah lifestyle news.  Stories are written on day-to-day topics including faith, school, career, relationships, parenting, health, fashion, travel and more, all while keeping it halal. Layali has featured many inspiring American-Muslim women like Ibtihaj Muhammad, Ainee Fatima, YazTheSpaz, Noor Tagouri, Isra Speaks, among others.


Magazine Editorial Team



Executive Editor

Managing Editor

School Columnist

Career Columnist

Relationships Columnist

Parenting Columnist

Health Columnist

Fashion Columnist

Food Columnist

Travel Columnist

Community Columnist

Book Reviews

Film Reviews

Advice Columnists

Omama Altaleb

Rawan Elbaba

Sarah Mohideen

Sharmin Shanur

Zohra Alnoor

Samirah Nabbus

Sumayya Sahin-Azimi

Salma El-Azem

Somayyah Ghariani

Nada Ibrahim

Masouna Kochaji

Lena Nour

Anwar Omeish

Rehnuma Majid

Mahvish Danka, Sameen Bozai, Najma Khorrami


  1. Seema Ali Mansoor

    Salaam, this is a wonderful effort put by you guys. I would like to be involved in your magazine and wanted to know how I could help. Please let me know! JAK

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