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Meet Minnesota’s first hijabi beauty queen


Nineteen-year-old Halima Aden was just a typical undecided college student. That is, until she decided to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. After getting the OK from pageant officials on her decision to don a “burkini” during the swimwear portion of the night, Aden was well on her way to making history as Minnesota’s first hijabi pageant contestant. Read More

Meet Anisa Amin: She’s black, she’s Muslim and she makes Muslim dolls

maza dolls

It’s ironic that a few days after I blasted Mattel (barely) for creating three body types and encouraging consumers to use an inanimate doll as a measuring stick for human acceptance…. I scrolled across a Cosmopolitan article, no less, about “Hijarbie,” aka: A Barbie in a hijab. Read More

Our feminist movement


Being a women is such a wonderful gift, not only do we have preternatural beauty but we also have the ability to love unconditionally and lead fulfilling lives.

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