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Nike set to release ‘Nike Pro Hijab’ for its Muslim athletes


Nike is finally representing its female Muslim consumers as its sets out to release the “Nike Pro Hijab.” Read More

For the love of basketball: How this Muslimah is challenging FIBA’s hijab ban


Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, 26, was an exceptional high school basketball player. As her school’s valedictorian, she excelled both on the court and in the classroom. She ultimately went on to set the Massachusetts state record for both boys and girls for most points scored (Abdul-Qaadir scored a record 3,070 points, breaking the previous record of 2,740) during her senior year. Read More

WISE Self Defense Tutorial: A three-part series

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.08.05 AM

In light of recent attacks on Muslim women and the negative political climate, Layali teamed up with the Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment – WISE to do a three-part self defense tutorial series. WISE founder and president Rana Abdelhamid and WISE’s chief self defense instructor Maryam K. Aziz (2nd Degree Blackbelt in Goju Ryu Karate) show us tips on how to defend ourselves from the three most common attacks against Muslim women.



How to work out according to your body type


One of the major issues that discourage people from exercising and living a fit and healthy lifestyle is the thought that they need to change their lifestyle completely. In reality,you don’t need to turn your lives upside down in order to be fit. Instead, you should follow a fitness program that fits into your lifestyle.

But first, you should figure out what body type you have so you can adjust your fitness goals accordingly.

There are three basic body types:

  1. Fat Fighter: People with this type have a fat percentage that is more than their muscle mass. Usually, keeping the weight off is a challenge. People with this body type need to start with a challenging cardio workout and then follow it up with a moderate strength training session.
  2. Lean: People with this body type can usually eat up a storm without gaining weight. They are normally slim. People with this body type should focus on toning. High resistance training is best to stimulate muscle growth.
  3. Muscular: People with this body type have visibly toned muscles. They are usually athletic and keep active. It is easy for them to tone and build muscles. Unfortunately, maintaining those muscles can be a challenge if they stop exercising. Therefore, it’s best to keep up with resistance training as well as cardio. Both should be done in an equal ration.
So which body type are you? Take the test below to find out.

Keep in mind that your body type can change based on how you exercise and what fitness goals you set.

The following questions will assist you in examining your body type. If you answer YES to three or more questions from each category, then that category is your body type.

Fat Fighter:

  1. It takes me several months of working out before seeing results
  2. My weight is mainly around my waist
  3. I have to watch what I eat otherwise I gain weight easily
  4. I can pinch an inch of fat on my body


  1. I look like a marathon runner
  2. I worry that I look too skinny and bony
  3. I barely have fat on my body
  4. I can eat anything and everything and still not gain weight


  1. I get toned quickly when I work out
  2. If I stop working out I have to watch what I eat because I start gaining fat
  3. My shoulders are broader than my hips and waist
  4. If I don’t work out my muscles flab

Now that you know your body type, you can kick-start your fitness journey by customizing your workout accordingly!