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Baking with purpose: The incredible way this woman serves her community

Reem Assil - Studio 20160318-110web

Combining California flavors with a passion for social justice, Reem Assil has always wanted to positively impact her community.

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5 things I learned from starting a non-profit with a fellow Muslimah


Four years ago, a group of girls were connected via an email. That email, sent by one of our fellow Muslim friends, signed off with a simple, and unassuming “I understand that you are both interested in public health in the Arab world….and I hope you can complement one another in your endeavors moving forward.” Read More

Meet Anisa Amin: She’s black, she’s Muslim and she makes Muslim dolls

maza dolls

It’s ironic that a few days after I blasted Mattel (barely) for creating three body types and encouraging consumers to use an inanimate doll as a measuring stick for human acceptance…. I scrolled across a Cosmopolitan article, no less, about “Hijarbie,” aka: A Barbie in a hijab. Read More

Q&A with author Saadia Faruqi


Saadia Faruqi is a published author, editor, interfaith activist and teacher. Through her writing, Faruqi has contributed to numerous online publications about the Muslim experience around the world. In the interview below, Faruqi talks to LAYALI about her inspiration for the collection of short stories she wrote in her book “Brick Walls: Tales of Hope and Courage from Pakistan.”  Read More