Children’s book ‘Nightly News with Safa’ highlights how strongly the media can influence you


“Nightly News with Safa” is a clever children’s story that explores the wild imagination of a young girl named Safa.

After noticing that her mother was watching the news which was usually sad and depressing, Safa comes up with an idea to add positivity to the nightly activity. After some planning, Safa finally calls her mom into the room only to discover a DIY news desk. Safa pretends to be on TV and recalls only the happiest news of the day. She uses her creativity to present a news show that her mom would enjoy and would cheer up to.

Without being explicit, author Helal Musleh portrays the sad and fearful reality that Muslim children have to come to understand while watching the news. With Islamophobia and bigotry filling news segment after news segment, it’s only normal that young Muslims would be concerned with the way Muslims have been portrayed lately. With a cheery attitude, however, Safa teaches us that we can make a difference by putting a smile on just one person’s face.

The illustrator, Hatem Aly, certainly captured my attention with his colorful and imaginative drawings as well.

“Nightly News with Safa” is great book for youngsters — regardless of faith — as it appeals to any child with an imagination and a knack for making people smile.


Nightly News is available on Amazon.

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  1. Ibrahim mehdi

    Looks like a great initiative by the author…Helal Musleh. And JazakAllah khair to the writer for bringing this to our notice.
    If you can get back to the author with a feedback…that she should make her book available in kindle edition…so that people not in America can be easily (and cheaply ) benefitted

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