This company offers Muslim-friendly lodgings for travelers


This startup wants to create safe spaces for Muslim travelers across the globe.

Traveling is in itself stressful, so the idea of a Muslim-friendly home-away-from-home sounds almost too good to be true.

HadiShakuurCEO of Muzbnb, a faith-based home-stay company that connects travels with rental spaces hosted by Muslims, Hadi Shakkur wanted to serve his community in a new and innovative way.

“These are trying times for Muslims in the US and abroad and this company can serve as a beacon of light and hope that we are still here, still creating, still thinking about the sanctity of faith — not just ours, but faith in general,” Shakkur said.

Shakkur admits that Muzbnb’s approach comes from a “consumer’s perspective.”

“We know what we want as consumers and have listened to the needs and wants of other Muslims concerning the hospitality industry and sharing-economy.”

In an effort to allow Muslims the opportunity to travel more accommodatingly, Muzbnb’s mission aims to give travelers “halal” lodging options.

“Muslims have particular things to consider when traveling, like: where to offer prayer, where to find halal food, finding religiously acceptable events/activities, and locating Muslim friendly lodging.”

Some things you might find in a Muzbnb listing are for example Qurans and prayer mats. These are unique amenities that aren’t always available in tradition lodging like hotels or other home-sharing companies.

11According to Shakkur, Muzbnb also plans to break into the entrepreneurial space and become the first start up to be run by Muslims for Muslims to reach $1 billion in valuation.

“Our Islamic values are our guiding principles that motivate us to show the world, Muslims and non-Muslims, that you don’t have to compromise your values to make a difference in the world,” Shakkur said. “We believe this company will help our community remain more steadfast by creating sanctuary spaces for Muslims.”

With Muzbnb’s branding as a “Muslim company,” the company’s founders explain that their home rentals are not just for Muslims.

“Our platform is open to be used by all those who support the Islamic values of hosts and travelers,” Shakkur said. “We are prioritizing rolling this out initially within the Muslim community and aim to broaden it in the future.”

With an official launch date scheduled for the summer of this year, Muzbnb’s goal is simple, “to encourage travel, adventure, and the building of a global community where Muslims feel comfortable and accepted while traveling.”

They have dreams of creating a movement, not just a home-sharing network so that all marginalized communities are free to explore the world comfortably and without risk of discrimination.