Cozy hijab styles to keep you warm this season

hijabi fall

As modern hijabis, we are true multitaskers. And while we manage hundreds of tasks at the same time, we still expect our hijabs to keep up and of course, keep us warm or cool, depending on the season. 

Since it’s fall, you’ll want to choose a hijab that’s functional, and also, warm and cozy. 

Here are some simple tips to follow when choosing the perfect fall hijab:

Choose the right color

You probably know the age-old concept that light colors reflect while dark colors absorb heat. Thus, fall is the perfect time to wear all your dark-colored hijabs, especially the ones representing the true colors of fall such as maroon and burgundy. If you’re looking for a more feminine look, instead of the darker and bolder one, choose bright fall colors such as golden, orange or turquoise.

And if you wish to stand out, then go for unique and beautiful colors that are a treat for the eyes in fall, such as amethyst orchid, teal and sage, as they all blend really well with this colorful season!

Choose the right fabric

Pashmina, cashmere and cotton are the best fabrics to opt for in fall. They are available in a huge range of colors and textures that you can choose from and style, according to your outfit. Try to choose ones that come in a longer length as this way you’ll have more fabric for layering so use it wisely to cover your neck and shoulders.

If you’re not OK with wearing heavy fabrics, go for cotton instead of wool, as it’s a more comfortable and breathable choice while also being warm and cozy. Another fabric to wear in fall is of course fur, which adds glamour, elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

When it comes to fall styles, remember that less is more, so when wearing fur, keep your outfit and hijab simple, as this will make the fur stand out the most. Another great tip to try this fall is to match your outerwear with your hijab. This obviously means that we’ll all be wearing long coats, sweaters and jackets to protect ourselves from the cold, so try matching them with your hijab color for a really chic look. You’ll actually notice how optimistic you feel when wearing a bright colored sweater and matching hijab in the comparatively dull weather.

Choose the right style

Fall is the ideal time to style your look by wearing an underscarf. This is also a great opportunity for those hijabi sisters who love to play with colors or mix and match them. If you’re not a fan of showing off your underscarf, then cover them with your hijab as the aim is just to keep your head warm by using the insulation that they provide.

For some extra coverage around your neck area, you should opt for a neck warmer or a scarf. Instead of loosely wrapped hijabs that are good for summer, you need to choose ones that are tightly wrapped around the face so they cover your forehead, ears and neck well.

These tips are just the basics to help you be creative and look fashionably warm, but you can always improvise on these and come up with new styles of your own. Being able to use hijab to stay warm is one of the many perks of being a hijabi. So use this advantage to the fullest and enjoy the season!

Sarah Ghanem is a hijabista and fashion consultant at Modanisa. She is really keen on styling up hijabs and outfits to look beautiful, yet modest. She’s always trying out new Muslim fashion trends and styles.