Isra Speaks makes waves as an aspiring U.S. ambassador


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Editors’ Letter:


Growth doesn’t happen over one night, but over many.

We, as Muslim women, know that despite the stereotypes about us being oppressed and subdued, that we HAVE a voice. We all have a voice.

Yet, there is still a low percentage of Muslim females that are noted as “speakers” in our community.  The Muslim-American community undoubtedly needs more women to speak out and communicate to others the issues related to us as women and to us as a community.

Young Muslimahs like Isra C. of Isra Speaks, (on the cover and pg. 26 ) embody the message of “speaking out.” As an aspiring United States ambassador, she strives to shed light on social and global issues (like the availability of clean water and human trafficking) that affect our communities worldwide.

However, we are all different and so are our skills. You don’t have to be up on stage to speak out. Social media, as referenced by Isra and in a couple of the pieces in this issue, is a powerful tool used to advocate for causes and having your voice heard (pg. 71).

Other forms of speaking out include using fashion (pg. 44) and photography (pg. 58) to express yourself, and what you believe in.

Once again, we — Muslim-American women — all have a voice. It is time our voice is heard. It is time we speak out.

Keep faith,

Omama Altaleb & Rawan Elbaba