Modanisa’s second annual Modest Fashion Week arrives in London

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Hundreds showed up the London Olympia for Modanisa’s second annual Modest Fashion Week.

Modanisa, one of the largest online retailers for modest fashion, set out to host a 3-day modest fashion event for Muslim women from around the globe. The weekend included both fashion shows from 26 international modest fashion designers and several panels featuring international digital influencers, designers and artists. 

Modanisa London Modest Fashion Week (MLMFW) started off with High Tea at the Ritz Carlton London with the premier of ‘Just Like You,’ a PSA filmed, directed, and produced by The Bayazids, a Muslim husband-and-wife filmmaking duo. After the glamorous tea party, a bright red double decker bus waited outside the Ritz for a tour of London. The Modanisa-branded bus made stops at Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Westminster Bridge.  

To open the show, Halima Aden, the fashion industry’s first hijab-wearing model graced the runway, wearing a Minel Aşk evening gown. Models donning hijab towered the runway with breath-taking pieces from designers from Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway and Malaysia. 

One of the masterminds behind MLMFW, Franka Soeria noted the show’s diversity. 

“The shows illustrated how diverse modest fashion style is. Some designers were heavily defined by cultural influences, while others fused East-West elements, producing modern daywear and glamorous evening dresses that adhere to Islamic principles, yet appeal far beyond,” said Soeria. 

Several internationally renowned Muslim fashion influencers were in attendance as well including Britain’s Mariah Idrissi, Sebina, Aaliyah Jm, NabiilaBee, the United State’s Melanie Elturk (Haute Hijab), Leena Asad (WithLoveLeena), Samah Safi Bayazid, and Germany’s Lebdiri Sisters among several others. 

The panels covered a wide variety of topics including Modest Fashion Trends of the Globe, What It Takes To Be a Global Brand, Inspiring Muslim Women, Monetizing Creativity, and Do’s and Don’t’s of Social Media. Each panel featured experts in their field who spoke on the overall growing nature of the modest fashion industry. 

By simply existing, MLMFW showed the empowering nature of fashion for Muslim women. Although we live in a highly politicized time for Muslims, this event proved that Muslims are able to gather from around the world in celebration of diversity. Modest fashion is not only about fashion in itself, rather it is about the freedom o choose.

“Modanisa exists to give more choice to women who prefer to wear modest fashion, allowing them to look elegant without compromising their beliefs,” Kerim Türe, CEO of Modanisa, said.

Whether they choose to don a burkini to the beach or pool, or wear a hijab to school or work, the important thing is that Muslim women are the ones choosing what goes on their bodies. Not men, not politicians, not anyone but themselves.

The modest fashion designers, bloggers and influencers in attendance and around the globe are a huge part of humanizing Muslims. Undoubtedly, they affect how Muslims and Muslim women in particular are perceived. We celebrate them and work to lift them up in an effort to squash stereotypes and empower those who are different. 

Make sure to check the photos below for a snapshot of Modanisa’s London Modest Fashion Week and click here for video highlights from the shows.

All photos taken by @rawandering