Why you NEED this Muslimah lifestyle planner


As busy Muslim women, we often find ourselves struggling to keep up with our daily tasks while living our lives with purpose and faith.

Whether we are young professionals, students, or mothers, setting spiritual goals while living a regular life is difficult. 

That’s why Asma Ahmad, a new mother and former social worker, created the ‘Seeking Jannah’ Life Planner to help her and other Muslim women plan and track their personal and spiritual development.

With gorgeous detailing, weekly tips, a prayer tracker and more, the ‘Seeking Jannah’ Life Planner is one stylish way to invest in your personal development and reach your highest potential. 

To learn more about Momentora, the company behind the ‘Seeking Jannah’ Life Planner, we talked to its creator, mompreneur Asma Ahmad.

LAYALI: How did the idea for a Muslimah lifestyle planner come about?

My own personal journey over the last 12 months made me realize there was a need for a life planner that could help Muslim women balance their religious and worldly priorities and keep them motivated to do their best each day. I am originally from Virginia and after getting married, moving to a new country, and having my little one, I found myself thinking deeply about the kind of life I wanted to live as an example for my family. I had experienced many changes in a very short amount of time, and faced an internal struggle with trying to reconnect with my own sense of self. Having been a high school social worker in Virginia, my days were usually planned well in advance with meetings and my counseling caseload so I relied heavily on a yearly planner. Moving to my new home and taking a step back from work life was great in that I was free to plan my days as I wanted but that’s exactly where I struggled. I wasn’t as sure about how to structure my day and I wanted to be a resource to my new community in Canada just as I had been a resource to many people and organizations in Virginia. This desire to reconnect was so strong that I was ready to work on something that mattered to me and would help others while also helping myself.

Once my daughter reached three months, I started working on the Seeking Jannah Life planner to help myself in 2018 and along the way, I thought, “This would make an excellent product for other Muslim women!” And after a few short months of hard work and excessive sleeplessness, it’s finally a reality and I couldn’t be more pleased Alhumdulillah.

LAYALI: How do you think this planner will help improve the lives of Muslim women?

Muslim women are among the most dynamic, creative, and hard-working women I know. We are busy balancing our projects, our home, and most of all our spirituality and I am positive that we could all use a little help. Even in an age where there is no shortage of technology and apps, it’s nice to have a planner to capture all those things we sometimes forget such as how much water we have in a day or keeping track of those missed fasts. My hope is for this planner to reach as many Muslim women who are committed to living their lives with meaning, intention, and a commitment to taking bold action in key areas of their life inshaAllah. This planner empowers Muslim women to think deeply about their goals, habits, planning, and provides several powerful tips to help develop the mindset needed to accomplish great results in this life and the next inshaAllah.

LAYALI: How did you go about producing it?

I wanted to create a high-value product that would be functional, durable, and enjoyable to use. I started designing my planner in my personal journal and imagined all the different elements that would make up a perfect life planner for myself. I made a list of all the tasks required to reach my final goal of having a physical product in my hand that would be retail-ready. After lots of research and the indispensable help of my husband, Google, and Youtube I was happy to start checking off many tasks from my project to-do list at a steady pace. Because this was a large project with many different parts, I had to remain diligent and steadfast in working a little bit each day, even if it was only 15 minutes or an hour in between mother-ing and caring for my responsibilities. Now alhumdulillah, I am focused on the last stage of my task list which involves wholesaling the planners to other stockists inshaAllah.

LAYALI: How do you hope Muslim women will benefit from Momentora?

Momentora is starting out as a company that provides life planning tools for Muslim women and I am excited to see where this road may lead depending on the feedback and audience it generates inshaAllah. My mission is to help Muslim women define and conquer their goals, live a holistic life driven by their values, and find great joy in using our beautiful stationery. I pray and aim for Momentora to become the number-one resource for Muslim women who love crafting their life with meaning and intention through a quality life planner and a lifelong drive for personal development.

LAYALI: Where did the name Momentora come from?

My husband and I were sitting down and thinking of various names for this project and as a mother, I wanted the word “mom” or “moment” to be captured in the name somehow. I also wanted a name that could be used in different ways and had an original sound to it and so Momentora came about as a name I really liked for my product and business vision.

LAYALI: What’s in the future for Momentora? How do you hope to expand/continue in the future?

I want to use Momentora to leverage my background as a clinical social worker, teacher, mother, and now an entrepreneur. In addition to high-value blog posts and life planners, I want expand my capacity to provide services to Muslim women through workshops, coaching, and original products to further assist with their personal development as well as my own.

LAYALI: What makes Momentora different than other agendas and planners?

There are no shortage of planners available at your local stores but Momentora is more than a company. It’s a start-up with a story. It’s a journey and a dream for me as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, social worker, and now an entrepreneur. It’s a hope for growth ahead and a movement to help Muslim women reach their highest potential inshaAllah.

LAYALI: How do you juggle Mementora with being a new mom?

One of the most effective rituals that has enabled me to make Momentora a reality is waking up at 5am as often as possible. I realized my time had shrunk so rapidly after having my baby but I needed something that would keep me motivated and connected to my personal goals and development, so I told myself, “nothing great ever comes without sacrifice.” I couldn’t sacrifice in other important areas that required my time and attention so the only thing I could sacrifice was my sleep. Ever since I passed the pre-launch phase of this project, I have a little more time for sleep but I am still working diligently to balance my responsibilities at home, my spiritual growth alongside Momentora.

LAYALI: What advice would you give to other “mompreneurs” looking to launch their own projects?

To other mompreneurs and mothers looking to start their own projects or buinesses, I would recommend really connecting with your talents and having a strong intention for what you are doing. We are all blessed with many unique talents and gifts that we can use to benefit those around us, in addition to our family. Find the things you are passionate about and start making consistent efforts to make those goals a reality. Have a clear vision and stay focused intently on your goal until you can see it through and pray a lot along the way. My desire for reconnection to my new community was so strong that it pushed me to wake up early and sacrifice smaller enjoyments so I can see the results I had envisioned months ago. Believe in your own potential, never stop learning, and stay focused inshaAllah.

Learn more about Momentora here.

photos via Momentora