‘Places To Go’: Yuna and Lis’n Up create collection to benefit refugees


Singer Yuna Zarai has teamed up with Lis’n Up Clothing, a Boston-based clothing line, to create a collection to benefit refugees.

The collection, made of five pieces of clothing — a vintage flight jacket, vintage flight backpack, hoodie, hemp tee and an organic cotton long sleeve shirt — was inspired by Yuna’s most recent album “Chapters.”

Adam Khafif, founder and CEO of Lis’n Up Clothing, listened to Yuna’s song, “Places To Go,” and thought it would be a perfect fit to dedicate the collection to refugees. 

While the lyrics illustrate the life of a musician — always touring, being away from home and missing family and friends — Khafif saw a similarity in the life of refugees. 

“They have to pack up their entire lives on a moment’s notice because of war, natural disaster and often never return. They leave in search for a better situation, missing home and the life they used to live,” Khafif explained. 

According to an annual report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there were almost 60 million refugees and internally displaced people around the world, in 2014. 

To show solidarity with those who are affected by the refugee crisis, Lis’n Up pledged to donate 50 percent of the profits from the collection to the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Previous Layali cover girls Noor Tagouri and Ibtihaj Muhammad have also collaborated with Lis’n Up to create cause-focused collections, in addition to Lupe Fiasco and former NFL players Hamza and Husain Abdullah.

To view the full “Places To Go” collection and to purchase, click here.

Photo Credit: Aja Hitomi Lampkin