This PSA shows that women in hijab are ‘Just Like You’

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A PSA about hijab recently premiered at Modanisa’s London Modest Fashion Week.Women in hijab have always been vilified by the media, whether in television, films or on the news. The Bayazids, a husband-and-wife filmmaking duo wanted to change that. Samah and Muhammad Bayazid strived to challenge the notion that women who wear hijab are oppressed and ambition-less.

Their new PSA titled “Just Like You” shows women with diverse racial, ethnic, and career backgrounds. In an effort to normalize hijab, the film begins with non-hijabi women at home getting ready to go about their days. As the video nears its end, all of the women wrap their hijabs and head out the door. The audience discovers that despite their hijab, these Muslim women are doctors, police officers, mothers and just everyday women.

“As hijabis, especially in the States we receive many questions like ‘why do you wear it?’ ‘do you wear it at home?’ ‘do you sleep with it?’ ‘do you take a shower with it?’ Many people they can’t see the real woman behind this piece of scarf…who has family, and life, and work, and ambitions, and fears, and struggles, so the message I wanted to deliver through this PSA is that she’s just like you,” Samah Safi Bayazid said.

The project was sponsored by Modanisa, a Turkish modest clothing company, and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). 

Watch below and let us know what you think!

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  1. Khushboo Ara

    Realy so inspiring!!!!!!!!…..Thanks…Layali Webzine….for sharing…m a Software Engineer, practicing Hijab, staying in Fairfax, VA….I love ISLAM..Keep up the good work…Jazaakallaah Khair..!!!…

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