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Meet world traveler, Haifa Beseisso

At almost 25, Haifa Beseisso has traveled to more countries than most people her age. A filmmaker in her own right, Haifa began her journey documenting the eclectic personalities she meets on her travels across the globe. Read More

Wild purslane salad


We’re taking a cruise or running errands. We pass a park, forest preserve, or alley, and Mom suddenly demands that we pull over. Or if she’s driving, she kindly announces we need to stop for a minute. She gets out the car, verifies her suspicion, and starts carefully picking through the weeds. She returns to the car gently handling a healthy bunch of the prized greens, lightly covered in dirt, and is ecstatic knowing she is going to enjoy a spicy salad made up of the greens most people pass off as an inedible weed-purslane!

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