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Look out for these modest fashion trends this summer

thin fabrics

The fashion world is always changing; something that is in fashion one year could well be be old news by the next. In spite of this, there’s a few of things in the world of fashion that are quite simply timeless. Read More

Mind over munchies: Transitioning to Ramadan


Transitioning from having four snacks in your bag to munch on throughout the work or school day to having absolutely none is one of the hardest tests of Ramadan. Read More

Why this Muslimah is teaching women self-defense

I had the chance to sit down with Rana Abdelhamid, the founder and president of the Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE) before her self-defense course in Washington, D.C. Read More

Layali Loves: Q&A with Karama Co’s Hoda Jaludi


Like we noted in our post on “socially conscious accessories,” charity-based companies are giving back to their community in admirable ways. Karama Company, a contemporary brand, selling apparel, home decor items, prints, and more found a way to give back by working with non-profit and humanitarian organizations specializing in relief work.

We talked to Hoda Jaloudi, Karama’s founder and sole designer. Our Q&A below tackles the backstory of Karama, favorite pieces, the difficulties of running an online business and more. Read More

Islam encourages these three sports


In 2010, Woroud Sawalha, a Palestinian runner, joined the Olympics. Her participation caught the world by surprise because she was one, a woman, two, she was Palestinian and three, she was a covered Muslim woman. It was and unfortunately still is in some places taboo to have a Muslim woman participate — especially in hijab — in athletics. Usually the words “Muslim Women” evoke stereotypes of heavily veiled women, segregated and excluded from outdoor activities. These stereotypes suggest that these women don’t have access to sports and that their athletic participation is controversial, both of which are not true. In reality, Islam encourages both men and women to regularly exercise in order to maintain healthy lifestyles, and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasized this. Read More

5 ways to unwind after a long day


Now that we’ve reached the end of the summer, it’s back to school and back to work for most of us. It’s easy to get caught up with homework, papers and projects all while trying to maintain a social life. Juggling all aspects of our day to day lives can sometimes make us feel suffocated.
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3 tips on what to wear to that mixed wedding you have been dreading

As Ramadan finishes up, wedding season awaits us. When you’re invited to mixed weddings (men and women attendees), it can be slightly frustrating to find the perfect, yet modest outfit. But fret no more. Below are three tips on how to fabulously dress for a mixed wedding.

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Meet abstract artist, teacher and entrepreneur Nadia Janjua


View issue three of volume two of the webzine featuring artist Nadia Janjua by clicking here or flipping through it below. Read More

Shaking a tree and striking a sea

Palm trees

What Allah (SWT) told Maryam after experiencing the excruciating pains of childbirth in delivering Prophet Issa in isolation never ceases to amaze me.

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