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Mind over munchies: Transitioning to Ramadan


Transitioning from having four snacks in your bag to munch on throughout the work or school day to having absolutely none is one of the hardest tests of Ramadan. Read More

Filling the hollow within: One girl’s journey with body image


I remember the first time I looked in the mirror and hated what was looking back at me. It wasn’t self-consciousness, it was literal self-hate. I looked into the mirror and touched the stomach I felt was gravid. I felt my hips weighing my entire body down. I was fourteen years old. Read More

Baking with purpose: The incredible way this woman serves her community

Reem Assil - Studio 20160318-110web

Combining California flavors with a passion for social justice, Reem Assil has always wanted to positively impact her community.

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5 ways to unwind after a long day


Now that we’ve reached the end of the summer, it’s back to school and back to work for most of us. It’s easy to get caught up with homework, papers and projects all while trying to maintain a social life. Juggling all aspects of our day to day lives can sometimes make us feel suffocated.
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