There’s now a Ramadan energy bar to help you last the fast

ramadan energy bar

Fasting isn’t easy.

That’s one of reasons why the founders of an online food supplement company for Muslims, called Fajr Foods, created the Ramadan Energy Bar. 

The bar, a 150-calorie, chocolate flavored protein snack, is meant to control blood sugar and sustain energy. It’s made with fructose, rice flour, malitol syrup, cornstarch, unsweetened chocolate, soy protein isolate, fiber, rice bran, honey, soybean oil, cocoa butter, barley malt extract, salt, natural flavour and soy lecithin.

The Ramadan Energy Bar is best taken at suhoor for maximum benefit, according to its site.

box of Ramadan bars

You can purchase a box of four bars for $9.99 here.

Watch the official Ramadan Energy Bar commercial: