U.S. fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad talks sports, fashion in latest issue


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Cover & feature photography by: Noha Hamid.

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Editors’ Letter:


Growth doesn’t happen over one night, but over many.

What is fearlessness? What is courage? Are they the same thing? Growth requires us to overcome our fears, whatever they may be. Growth is about standing in front of your fears instead of letting your fears stand in front of you.

As women, we face many fears. Society tells us that a woman who stands up for what she believes in or for what she passionate for is “over the top” and “too bossy.”  The Muslim-American community undoubtedly needs more women to be courageous and involved in solving issues related to us as women and to us as a community. The fear of how we might be perceived is always lurking in the backs of our minds. We, as a community, however, must stand up to our fears and say “no, not today.” We have a lot to offer and we won’t let the fear of failure or negative perception stop us from being bold and different.

Muslimahs like Ibtihaj Muhammad, (on the cover and pg. 24 ) shows us just how far being courageous and fearless can take you.  As a professional sabre fencer and member of the United States fencing team, she makes sure her daring job coincides with her faith.

However, we all have different fears and go about overcoming them in different ways. Fencing isn’t the only way to show just how fearless Muslimahs can be. Fearlessness and courage come from our passion to make the world a better place. Standing up to injustice (p. 10, 70) or finally accepting our bodies (p. 79) are both ways to master the fear that lays inside our minds and bring up the subdued courage we all have.

Being fearless and courageous also includes adjusting to motherhood for the first time (pg. 22) and transitioning from a young intern to a full-time employee (pg. 14) among other events all women experience.

Once again, we — Muslim-American women — all are brave enough to stand in the way of our fears. It is time we let our courage shine.

Keep faith,

Omama Altaleb & Rawan Elbaba

@omama_altaleb & @roelbaba