It’s OK to defy the rules of fashion and wear what you want

The fashion world is a magical place, but there are some who take things a bit too seriously.

This year, I want to take a small pledge that I will wear whatever I want, no matter what print it is or how “big” it makes me look.

Personally, trying to dress modestly with a thick body structure is hard. Trying to dress modestly is literally a journey of its own, period. Then you have fashion critics, aka aunties and magazines, that tell you that wearing large floral prints, or baggy sweaters are not ideal if you’re not skinny. Come on! It’s 2017, and I’m sure women of all body shapes can make their own decisions on what they want to wear.

So if you love that pink bomber jacket from H&M, and some unimportant person offers their unimportant opinion and tells you that you look like a pink marshmallow, just buy it and own your look. If you have a favorite floral dress that your grandmother wants to burn, because it makes you look “bigger than you are,” flaunt your outfit and don’t think twice! Don’t let anyone stop you from dressing the way you want.

Are you ready to take the pledge this year?