What Muslim Americans have to say about President Obama’s #MosqueVisit

obama mosque

For the first time during his presidency, President Barack Obama visited a mosque on Wednesday.

He spoke to the Muslim American community, its leaders and activists, at the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

Here’s what Muslim Americans had to say about the visit:

Dalia Mogahed, the director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, attended the president’s speech and says she liked how Obama addressed the issue of terrorism.

Riham Osman, the communications coordinator for MPAC National, appreciated when Obama defended the Muslim community.

Some also found it cool that the President acknowledged the trailblazers in the Muslim American community like Ibtihaj Muhammad, who will be the first U.S. athlete to sport a hijab while competing in the Olympics.

Yet, he also shed light on the fact that we need more Muslim Americans involved in the media and Hollywood.

Let’s talk about how he quoted the Quran…

Overall, Muslim Americans say they were pleased with the president’s visit.

Activist Linda Sarsour says the Mosque visit is a good start but there is more that should be done.

Here’s a short clip from Obama’s speech:

photo courtesy Rana Abdelhamid