These witty Muslim Valentine’s Day cards cleverly combat Islamophobia with humor

#MuslimVDay2018 Spread5

This Valentine’s Day, ditch the chocolate and stuffed animals and consider giving your SO and friends a laugh.

Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed, a writer, activist and artist, created #MuslimVDay cards, a set of six postcard size cards that include snarky pick-up lines with a Muslim twist.

Ahmed first got the idea to create the set in 2011 after she shared her own funny puns on Twitter using #MuslimVDay. She then painted images to go with the messages and handed them out to her friends on Valentine’s Day.

Since then, she has been producing a new set every year and sells them on her Etsy shop.

This year’s set includes messages like: “So Fly List,” “I’d Never Muslim Ban You From My Heart” and “Call Your Representative, Then… Call Me.”

“In these apocalyptic Islamophobic times, what better way to laugh in the face of resistance than by spreading a little loving sarcasm and sarcastic love,” Ahmed said.

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